Surprise Album Reaches Number 1 on Billboard Chart

Controversy is how you start a buzz around an album, but no one ever tells an artist how to get out of their contract.

With rumors surrounding whether this is Drake’s last album with Cash Money Records, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late has made Number 1 on Billboard 200 Chart.

The album is described from some bloggers as a mixtape, but either way no one expected this album before July’s Views From The 6.

The Toronto rapper sold 495,000 copies in the first week and almost beat Taylor Swift’s 2015 record sales in the first three days.

If this is his last album with Cash Money, social media has claimed Drake a boss in the industry for his surprise album. Memes flooded social media with gifs of Drake rolling up his car window with a tweet that reads “Drake just hit Cash Money Records with the meanest Euro step of all time.”

Drake opens the album with Ginuwine’s vocals from 90s hit “So Anxious,” but it’s not the typical R&B sound from Drake. The song “Legend” tells fans to not question Drake’s ability and that he is already a legend. He reminds listeners that he is the only rapper representing Toronto (The 6) and that he’s on top of the game.

The first half of the album talks about his life growing up in Toronto and how it has helped him become the man he is today. The song “Star 67” tells the story of Drake in a phone scam he had with his friends in his younger days.

With lines like “I go huntin’ put heads on my fire place,” Drake is ruthless and these rappers have no chance at taking his spot at the throne. He is not the Drake that started four years ago and he’s grown as an artist.

Fans can get the gritty side of Drake and less of the R&B crooner sound. The first half of the album shows his hunger to stay on the top and his ability to tackle any rapper. The last half slows up and gives room for the R&B sound with tracks “Jungle” and “Wednesday Night” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR.

This album should hold fans over until the Views From The 6 is released.

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